A guide to Choosing a Removals Company in Bromley, London

Choosing the right removals company for your needs is critical to ensuring that your belongings are delivered safely, and that your valuables remain secured throughout the process. Fortunately, London has a wide selection of removals companies available for you to choose from. And Bromley, specifically, is a borough densely populated -and widely surrounded- by reputable companies looking to offer their services.


When choosing a removals company in Bromley, you should prioritize reputation and value for money above all. Although you shouldn’t choose a company on the basis of their fees, there are a number of businesses, particularly in London, that significantly overcharge for their services. For this reason, you should always ensure that the services match the given rates, and that you prioritise reputation over price- but value over brand. Great places to find such removal companies are CheckaTrade, Yell and Thomson.

Bromley, and the surrounding Croydon areas, are easily accessible to companies based in other Boroughs of London- although it’s typically recommended that you find a local company to reduce any further costs or logistical problems. When looking for the best removals company in Bromley, you need to first assess your needs. Every company offers a standard, man-and-van service, which consists of (to varying degrees) a basic service providing transport and assistance in moving.

However, there are many services on offer that extend beyond that basic package. Many removals companies, in Bromley and throughout London, offer customers the possibility of storage; packing assistance and packing supplies; commercial moves and longterm containerised solutions for nonessentials. Therefore, before you contact a company, you need to create a list of your needs and requirements. For example, if you need removal services for a commercial property, then you may require packing assistance. In this instance, you should consider if you want to provide the supplies yourself or purchase them as part of a package. Assess all of your needs, including the smallest of details, and keep this list to hand when researching potential companies.

Once you’ve determined your needs, you must then find a company suited to all of them. This means narrowing the number of removals companies in Bromley, down to a conservative three or four, all selected by means of thorough research. Each of these companies should meet, and perhaps exceed, all of your requirements. Once you’ve compiled a list of potential companies, you should then also assess each of their reputations. A company’s reputation, which includes their ratings and reviews, is the most convenient way to determine their reliability.

Companies that thrive despite competition in London, do so primarily because they have established a stellar reputation, through endorsements or recommendations by other reliable sources. You should check the credentials of each business, scouting their websites and brochures for any qualifications or accredited memberships. If you’re struggling to find a reliable endorsement- then you may consider consulting a trade directory or Bromley real estate agent for a second opinion. Although, using the techniques outlined above, you should be able to locate the ideal Bromley removals service independently- and move your belongings smoothly.